Innovation must be approached as a whitespace

A simplified framework to make innovation happen, faster!

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Avoid innovation blockers

Too many transformation processes get stumped because organisations limit their our own innovation potential. There are 2 main INNOVATION blockers for these:

1. Lack of clarity and alignment

Leaders have an aspiration about the future.

But is it relevant and aligned to your how you need to start building the future, today?

2. Lack of skills and capabilities

Leaders are excellent managers and organisations are excellent at managing a proven business model.

But will these skills and capabilities serve you to build the future?

Alignment with business

Innovation strategies must build culture, brand and business value to be closely tied to the overall corporate strategy.

We collectively build this with teams to ensure innovation impacts culture and value creation fro customers, staff, businesses, communities and environment.

Execution is king

Knowing how to manage and plan work, tasks or budgets is what got businesses to where they are today. But it is not what will take them further.

Innovation is an organisational capability. Managers, staff and leaders need the perfect toolbox for creating new business models and secure the impact on new technologies to become exponential organisations.

Our collaborators have build this new innovation model by gathering 23 years of independent consulting and training with top executives at companies and startups

Acerinox global is a top stainless steel and alloys company in the worldMahou San Miguel is the biggest spanish brewerOlivia Global is a management consulting company from ArgentinaCanon a global imagery, documents and information companyIberia global airline from SpainUni Qlo a global apparel holdingMutualidad, formerly Mutualidad de la abogacia, is a pension, savings and asset fund from spainAbInBev is the biggest brewing corporation in the worldEuropean Technology Chamber a european body created to help companies from Europe adopt and adapt to technology while building a network of colaboration globallyGrupo Modelo is a global mexican brewer known for producing CoronaCEMEX a global construction and concrete mining and production company from mexicoDufry worldwide is the greatest global player of airport duty free stores globallyPepsiCo is one of the four most important consumer products company in the worldLaunchX is the venture building as a service group from the InnovX, OCP and Mohammed VI University in MoroccoChrysler global automotive companyBBVA global bankingPepe Jeans is a global apparel retail company
Unilever a global beauty, consumer, and household products corporationGeneral electric engineering global corporationSpanish insurance company with global operations
ING banking and insurannce company from the NetherlandsAVON beauty and personal direct selling companyIE Business School is recognised as the number one business school according to the Financial TimesMicrosoft is the biggest software company in the world

Who do we help?


Build simpler business and innovation strategies that produce cultural shifts, build innovation portfolios, and prioritise actions to start building the future, today

SME Executives

Build strategic alignment in what the organisation needs today to secure their value today and start identifying future sources of growth

Scaling startups

Founders and leaders in fast paced environments need to adapt fast and adopt strategies and practices that help them capture and monetise value fast

How ready is your organisation to disrupt itself?

Whether this is your first step towards disruption or your'e a seasoned corporate innovator we always like to understand how mature business are to innovate

Our approach to create customized solutions to fit your own organisation's maturity and potential to innovate

Tailored solutions That Drive Business Growth

Innovation readyness diagnosis

We assess when, where and how we should innovate in your organisation and help you adapt and adopt for change

Business Challenge definition

We visually and collectively define an innovation challenge to bring alignment with your teams, your culture and your strategy


We guide teams from ideation, prototype and validation of solutions with frameworks that produce deliveries in weeks, not months

Execution follow up

We delliver simple guidelines to help leaders support execution and transfer to technology, engineering, development, and implementation teams

We assess how ready your business is to innovate and design a customised solution

We have developed a tool for diagnosing how ready your company is in its path to transformation and secure its future. In this diagnosis we:

Integrate perspectives from leaders and executives in your organisation

Identify business and cultural innovation blockers and boosters

Build a common understanding of the innovation challenge

What we offer

We make innovation a self-sustaining culture that secures business growth in the long run

Strategy and Growth

Build innovation into your business strategy to improve efficiency or start building its future. Highly aligned solutions help leaders support their teams during execution

Innovation Sprints

Define business innovation challenges and start building products, services and experiences, FAST! AI-powered solutions to boost your team's creative potential

Culture Disruptors

To change the way you build the future and add value you need to change culture. Define and design the right innovation practices to start making innovation a disruptive habit

Benefits of a strategy call

Start uncovering innovation oportunities

At Whitespace.Academy, we offer an preliminary engagement with potential partners to assess their organisations maturity and start a significative transformation towards disruption.

In this session qualifying organisations will discover;

Key elements of a successful innovation strategy to boost their business and most suitable solutions based on their business' needs

Identify de key principles of launching a tailored innovation solution unique to them

Build a comprehensive roadmap to start making small cultural shifts that ignite change

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Join other leaders that have already started their disruption journey with the free 10 Path to innovation email course

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