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Too many projects fail before being launch

Committees, strategic planning, budget planning, endless meetings, meaningless debates, waste of time and resources.

Work smarter

Teams need new ways for better collaboration and focus on generating and delivering value.

Challenge definition

Having a common understanding about the problem and alignment to business objectives is the first step for success

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Experience the Power of Innovation Sprints

Go from problem to idea to prototype to validates solution in weeks not months.

Our Innovation Sprints are immersive workshops designed to unleash your team's creativity and accelerate the development of groundbreaking ideas.

Unleash Your Team's Creative Potential

Our workshops provide a collaborative environment for generating and refining ideas, fostering a culture of innovation.

Prototype and Iterate with Expert Guidance

Participants will receive hands-on support from our experienced facilitators to transform their ideas into tangible prototypes.

Drive Innovation within Your Organization

Our Innovation Sprints empower teams to embrace a culture of innovation and drive meaningful change.

How does it work?

Streamlined approach to create Exponential Business Models

Assessment Process

Our workshops begin with an initial assessment to understand your unique needs and goals

Custom design

Our experienced facilitators and customize the right sprint and workshops for your challenge

Sprint execution

guide you through the innovation sprint, ensuring maximum impact, speed and relevance

Post-sprint delivery

We deliver actionable guidelines and implementation recommendations to your teams to help you get the final solution into the market

Our collaborators have build this new innovation model by gathering 23 years of independent consulting and training with top executives at companies and startups

Acerinox global is a top stainless steel and alloys company in the worldMahou San Miguel is the biggest spanish brewerOlivia Global is a management consulting company from ArgentinaCanon a global imagery, documents and information companyIberia global airline from SpainUni Qlo a global apparel holdingMutualidad, formerly Mutualidad de la abogacia, is a pension, savings and asset fund from spainAbInBev is the biggest brewing corporation in the worldEuropean Technology Chamber a european body created to help companies from Europe adopt and adapt to technology while building a network of colaboration globallyGrupo Modelo is a global mexican brewer known for producing CoronaCEMEX a global construction and concrete mining and production company from mexicoDufry worldwide is the greatest global player of airport duty free stores globallyPepsiCo is one of the four most important consumer products company in the worldLaunchX is the venture building as a service group from the InnovX, OCP and Mohammed VI University in MoroccoChrysler global automotive companyBBVA global bankingPepe Jeans is a global apparel retail company
Unilever a global beauty, consumer, and household products corporationGeneral electric engineering global corporationSpanish insurance company with global operations
ING banking and insurannce company from the NetherlandsAVON beauty and personal direct selling companyIE Business School is recognised as the number one business school according to the Financial TimesMicrosoft is the biggest software company in the world

Who is this for?

Innovation Managers

Create innovation programs that result in culture and value, establish innovation portfolios, and prioritise actions to begin shaping the future, starting today.

SME Executives

Move from strategy to execution of innovation programs and projects where your teams move at light-speed and start delivering value

Product leaders

From idea to validated solutions in weeks, not months, for delivering products, services and experiences that are relevant for people

"a 12 weeks Exo Sprint to support our team to (re)discover the methodology and apply it to our own business, and imagine the future of Venture Building as a service... with Gabriel, combining perfectly the right touch of theory/concept and learning by doing through practical application"

Charlotte Wieder

CEO LaunchX, Venture Builder as a service

Implementing AI-Powered Sprints from Whitespace.Academy was the best decision we made. It has revolutionized our approach to strategy and growth, leading to remarkable results.

Jane Smith

CTO, ABC Corporation

Innovation use cases

All our work is based on a personalised diagnosis of what an organisation needs

Innovation Programs

Exponential Innovation Sprint (3 years of innovation in 12 weeks)
Innovation Hub Design
Innovation Architecture
Venture Building

Innovation Projects

Digital product development
Ecosystem development
Brands of the future

Mindset and awareness

Exponential awakening workshop for executives
Innovation Bootcamp for executives
Innovation Days

Growth Strategy

Growth Marketing
Communities and Engagement for Brands
Designing growth and funding for scaling
Content strategy

Product Strategy

Customer experience, UX/UI
Artificial Intelligence Integration into business
Customer journey and Jobs to be Done
Service and Experience design
Gamification Journey and retention strategy

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Unlock Your Innovation Potential with Our Tailored AI-Powered Workshops

Participating in our  workshops will enhance your organisation's innovation capabilities and enable faster problem-solving.


Experience enhanced innovation capabilities and faster problem-solving through our tailored AI-powered workshops.


Accelerate problem-solving and drive innovation at a faster pace with our AI-powered workshops.

Glass Orb with Patternsby Michael Dziedzic


Find answers to common questions about our workshops, including duration, prerequisites, materials provided, and expected outcomes.

How long is the workshop?

Our workshops typically range from 1 to 3 days, depending on the specific program. We believe in providing immersive experiences that allow participants to fully grasp the concepts and apply them to their own business challenges.

What are the prerequisites?

There are no specific prerequisites for our workshops. However, a basic understanding of innovation and business concepts would be beneficial. Our programs are designed to cater to individuals from various backgrounds and industries.

What materials are provided?

We provide all the necessary materials for our workshops, including handouts, worksheets, and any required software or tools. Participants will also receive access to our online learning platform for additional resources and support.

What can I expect?

By attending our workshops, you can expect to gain a deep understanding of innovation methodologies, learn practical techniques for problem-solving and idea generation, and develop a roadmap for implementing innovation within your organization.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions or need further clarification, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team. We're here to help!

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